City Housing Computer Hubs

City Housing Computer Hubs

For a little over three years, Wellington ICT managed computer hubs for Wellington City Council housing tenants. The contract came to the end of its 3-year funding cycle on 30 June 2013.

It has been a privilege and joy for us to manage this project on behalf of both the tenants and Wellington City Council

Find more about hours and services for the hubs under WCC management.

About City Housing Computer Hubs!

The hubs provided free ICT access and basic ICT training for Wellington City Council housing tenants.
The hubs were managed by Wellington ICT on behalf of Wellington City Council as part of the implementation of the Council’s Digital Strategy for Tenants.

Services and facilities

Based in three separate locations, the hubs provided Wellington City Council Housing tenants with:

  • Free access to the Internet, FOSS tools and ICT training resources
  • Basic ICT literacy training programmes and mentoring
  • ICT-supported events and sessions
  • Technology-related advice and support

Some of the Computer Hub Success Stories

Due to its efforts in digital inclusion and literacy using free and open source technologies (FOSS), the Computer Hubs were recognised with the New Zealand Open Source Award 2012 for Community Service

In the time Wellington ICT managed the Computer Hubs we:

  • Encouraged all tenants to become digital citizens through access to ICT
  • Enabled tenants to develop new ICT skills and access education, vocational training and employment opportunities
  • Enabled tenants to express themselves meaningfully through digital storytelling
  • Have trained about 200 tenants in basic computing
  • Had 140 registered users in 2012
  • Averaged 600 users per month (before adding a 3rd hub in 2013)
  • Championed access to in training in a wide range of free, open source technologies
  • Supported promotion of e-services and ICT-related initiatives of other organisations (WCL, GoingDigital, Elections NZ)


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