Past Projects

Detailed on this page are projects Wellington ICT ran between 2002 and 2013.

City Housing Computer Hubs

The hubs provided free ICT access and basic ICT training for Wellington City Council housing tenants. This was part of the implementation of the Council’s Digital Strategy for Tenants.

The main services we offered were: free access to the Internet, FOSS tools and ICT training resources; basic ICT literacy training programmes and mentoring; ICT-supported events and sessions; and technology-related advice and support.

For a little over three years, Wellington ICT managed computer hubs for Wellington City Council housing tenants. The contract came to the end of its 3-year funding cycle on 30 June 2013. Hubs are still going, find more about hours and services.

Find out more about this project: City Housing Computer Hubs

Engage Your Community

Engage Your Community is a series of conferences held around the country and aimed at the community, non-profit and voluntary sectors.

The conferences focused on the web and its use and potential for these sectors.

e-Rider IT Support

e-Rider provided community groups and organisations with IT advice and support

After a successful pilot the project was closed down due to lack of funding and support to keep it economically viable.

e-Rider Training

The e-Rider Training project worked with voluntary groups to increase ICT capability and build volunteers’ skills. This project was funded through the DIA’s Community Partnership Fund which closed in 2010.

Secret Level

The Secret Level project built on the work of the Secret Level Youth Centre by providing youth groups access to ICT.

Young people could access educational activities, complete research, develop skills and , prepare CVs.

Smart Newtown Pilot

The Smart Newtown Pilot programme aimed to create a community where all residents have the skills and facilities to participate online.

Newtown was chosen because of its diverse needs, breadth of ethnic groups, corridor of educational institutions, geographic closeness of participating institutions, and accessibility to broadband internet connections.  Smart Newtown continues to operate successfully and now managed by the Newtown Community Centre Trust.

Stepping UP

Stepping UP encouraged graduates of Computers in Homes (and others) to ‘step up’ to further learning opportunities and enhanced job opportunities.  Funded by Microsoft and the 2020 Communications Trust, funding for the programme in Wellington ended in 2011.


The Timberlea Project established a community ICT hub in the economically low-decile community of Timberlea in Upper Hutt.  The project is now managed by the Timberlea Residents Association.

Titiro Whakamua

Titiro Whakamua provides teenage parents with the opportunity to further their formal education in a community ICT centre.

The centre is in Miro Street, Upper Hutt.

Walk IT

WalkIT is an online database of policy, regulatory, and other information about walking in New Zealand.

The project grew from “Getting There: On Foot, By Cycle”, a strategy document developed by the Ministry of Transport.


Our Webrider project helped non-profit and community-based organisations develop effective websites. We offered independent and practical consultation, focusing on customised solutions that achieved our client’s ICT goals.

Read about just some of our successful Webrider client projects (PDF 84KB)

Services included: website creation or modification; strategic website content writing and layout design; graphic design; consulting; training and mentoring; and seminars and workshops.

The project came to the end of its natural funding cycle on 30 June, 2013.

Wellington Education Cluster – WEC

Wellington ICT designed and developed a website for the Wellington Education Cluster (WEC).

This website provides people considering tertiary education with ‘one-stop’ access to information on courses at the participating polytechnics.

Whanau Link – Phase Four

Independent evaluation revealed the need to extend the service nationwide. In this light, WL Phase Four conducted project planning and scoping to extend the service to all hospices in New Zealand.